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"How did your pet come into your life?"

"After losing a beloved chihuahua after 18 years, I decided to adopt a larger dog as I had large dogs in the past.  When I discovered this girly girl at my local pound I took her home for a foster-to-adopt 2 week period. She turned out to be such a loving dog i decided to go ahead and adopt her and the shelter proceeded to tell me that she had been in shelters since she was very young and was deemed aggressive. Ha, she is far from aggressive but in fact she is just the opposite. We were meant to be together." - Posted by Joanne Kibbey
"We watched Petfinder for a few weeks and went to visit the shelter where we found our perfect match.  We thought we were going only for a visit, but fell in love immediately!  Kirby was so well mannered, happy and the ideal addition to our family. We're not sure who rescued who?!?" - Posted by Stephan
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