NewPet contains a wealth of helpful resources for new, or soon-to-be, pet owners. We have a world of fun tips and helpful hints on where to get a new pet and how to care for the new addition once you bring your bundle of joy home.
Meet our NewPet Advisor...
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She will be happy to answer your general interest questions about dog selection, care and training.

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Popular Features:

Animal Shelter Search --
Find a shelter in your area with plenty of good pets looking for new homes.

Obedience Trainer Search
Here's a way to find a helpful dog obedience training professional in your area.

Pick-a-Name for Your Pet - Want some great pet name ideas?  You can find just the right name for your new pet here.

FAQ Utility -- Our newpe1 Advisor responds to your questions.  A new improved version of the FAQ System allows for easier location of information about your pet.. 

Add a Shelter or Trainer -- We'd be happy to post a free link for your shelter or obedience trainer. Please check to make sure that your shelter or obedience trainer is not already listed.


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