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"What funny things does your pet do?"

"My cat likes to stand over us in the morning as a sign that we need to get up and love on her." - Posted by Makayla
"I like to chase my tail around and around... I WON'T STOP! I also howl when mom takes the toy and doesn't throw it." - Posted by Baby Bee (the pup)
"My dog likes to play ball while I'm trying to cut the grass. He always drops the ball in the path I'm trying to cut. I have to stop the lawn mower and throw the ball so he goes to fetch it. But he always returns and drops the ball in front of the mower again, and the process repeats!" - Posted by Ian
"My cat is completely anti-social. She stays in rooms where nobody bothers her. That's not funny, but there it is." - Posted by Jim
"Like clockwork every night around 8pm, my dog goes and finds a treat somewhere in the house and begins playing soccer with it. He kicks it with his front paws, and loves seeing it fly across the room. He runs over to where it landed, then flicks it to another part of the room. It’s hilarious to see how entertained he is playing soccer by himself. Sometimes I swear he stops to make sure we are watching him, I guess he likes an audience." - Posted by Teresann
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