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Housebreaking Tips

Housebreaking Hints

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Most new dog owners look forward to housebreaking their dog as eagerly as they look forward to a root canal, but with a lot of patience and understanding this important step in dog ownership can be successful without being a nightmare.

The amount of time it will take to housebreak your[Hydrant] dog will depend on the dog himself, just be patient and keep in mind that he is not smelling up your house on purpose. Often it takes young puppies a while to gain the muscle control to hold it in. The secret to housebreaking - as with all training - is consistency and repetition. Remember, there has never been a dog that could not be housetrained.

General Hints:
There are some basic principles or guidelines you should follow no matter which method of training you are using.

  • Probably the most important rule to remember is positive reinforcement. Every time your dog goes where he's supposed to, lavish him with praise.
  • Only punish your dog when you catch him in the act. Punishing after the fact will be futile and may even hinder the training process.[ Ripley Tip ]
  • Take your dog outside as soon as possible after naps, meals or play sessions.
  • Get your dog on a regular feeding schedule
  • Take away his water dish at night
  • Learn to recognize your dog's signals that he needs to go out. For example, many dogs will sniff the floor and walk in circles when they need to go.

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